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Investment Visa (Visa E2)

Investment visa (Visa E2)

As a leading law firm specializing in immigration law in the United States, our team of expert attorneys is well-equipped to assist immigrants seeking an Investment Visa, specifically the E-2 Visa. The E-2 Visa is a popular option for foreign investors who wish to establish or purchase a business in the U.S. and reside in the country to oversee their investment. Our comprehensive legal services ensure that our clients navigate the complex immigration process with ease and achieve their investment goals in the United States.

Key Highlights of Our Legal Services for E-2 Investment Visa:

  • Expert Guidance on Eligibility: Our experienced attorneys thoroughly assess our clients’ qualifications to determine their eligibility for the E-2 Visa. We review their investment plans, financial documents, and business proposals to ensure they meet the requirements set forth by U.S. immigration law.
  • Business Entity Formation: We assist our clients in establishing the appropriate business entity, such as a corporation or LLC, to comply with U.S. business laws and regulations. Our legal team guides clients through the process of registering their business and obtaining the necessary licenses and permits.
  • Investment Plan Development: We work closely with our clients to develop a comprehensive investment plan that meets the U.S. immigration requirements for the E-2 Visa. This includes creating a detailed business plan, financial projections, and investment strategies that demonstrate the viability of the business venture to immigration authorities.
  • Document Preparation and Review: Our skilled attorneys assist clients in preparing and reviewing all the necessary legal documents for their E-2 Visa application, including forms, supporting financial and business documents, and other required paperwork. We ensure that all documents are accurate, complete, and in compliance with U.S. immigration laws.
  • Strategic Guidance and Representation: Our legal team provides strategic guidance and representation throughout the entire E-2 Visa application process. We liaise with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) on behalf of our clients, respond to any requests for additional evidence, and represent clients in any legal proceedings, if necessary


To apply for an E-2 visa to the United States, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Treaty eligibility: The applicant must be a citizen of a country that has a treaty of commerce and navigation with the United States. The full list of eligible countries can be found on the website of the U.S. Department of State.

  2. Investment: The applicant must have invested or be actively in the process of investing a substantial amount of capital in a U.S. business. The investment must be sufficient to ensure the successful operation of the enterprise.

  3. Ownership: The applicant must own at least 50% of the U.S. business or have operational control through a managerial position or other corporate device.

  4. Purpose of travel: The applicant must be coming to the United States to develop and direct the U.S. business.

  5. Essentiality: The applicant must demonstrate that his or her skills and business experience are essential to the U.S. enterprise.

  6. Marginality: The U.S. enterprise must not be solely for the purpose of earning a living for the applicant and his or her family.

  7. Renewal: The E-2 visa may be renewed indefinitely, as long as the applicant continues to meet the eligibility criteria and the U.S. enterprise continues to operate successfully.

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