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Immigration Services

Our JORGE MUNOZ Immigration Services

U.S. immigration law can be complicated, and for many people, the best path forward involves working with an attorney who understands the system and how it works. Our experienced attorney offer immigration services in all areas of immigration law, including family- and employment-based immigration, deportation defense, immigration appeals, temporary visas for work and school, permanent residency, naturalization and more.


Receiving notice of removal proceedings is scary but having the right attorney by your side throughout the process will help your odds tremendously in avoiding deportation. We can help defend you in deportation proceedings – in fact, we’ve taken on hundreds of deportation cases in immigration courts.

Family & Marriage Visas

Keeping your family together is important. Our knowledgeable and compassionate immigration attorneys can determine what you and your family members need to do to apply for a visa, a green card or United States citizenship.

E-2 Investors Visa

A U.S. Investor visa can be a game changer for foreign entrepreneurs and investors. Individuals can live and work in the United States while setting the groundwork for long-term financial stability in the U.S. market. Our attorneys can walk you through the steps and requirements.

PERM Labor Certification

Unlock opportunities: PERM Labor Certification validates the need for foreign talent.

Student Visas

Extend your learning journey: Navigate student visa extensions hassle-free today!

Green Cards

Becoming a lawful permanent resident of the United States can be a complicated process, but our attorneys are here to help you every step of the way. We can fill out and file your petition for you, help you prepare for interviews, and answer your questions from start to finish.


When you need a safe haven, the United States may be the answer. Through asylum programs, you may be able to stay in the U.S. to protect yourself and your family from circumstances in your home country. We can help you explore your options.

Business Immigration

Bringing in foreign talent, opening new offices in the United States, and remaining in compliance with local, state and federal law can be complicated. Our attorneys will walk you through petitions, compliance and more to ensure your business reaches its goals.

Citizen Naturalization

Becoming a United States citizen requires you to petition the government to ask if you can go through the process of naturalization. If you’re interested in becoming a citizen, we can help you through every step, from your visa application to your oath of allegiance.


Learn about DACA and seize opportunities for a brighter future.


Visiting, working or attending school in the U.S. requires you to get a visa, and generally, you must apply for it before you arrive. We can help you find the right type of visa for your purposes and petition the government on your behalf, as well as explain all your options.


Being denied a petition for a visa, green card or naturalization is difficult, but you may be able to ask an immigration court to look at your case again. Our attorneys have successfully navigated immigration appeals all over the country, and we can help you, too.

Your Journey to U.S. Citizenship Starts Here

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      Why Choose Our Immigration Services?

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      Our staff is multi-lingual and has personal experience with the U.S. immigration system.

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      We sympathize with how you feel and are genuinely interested in helping you reach your immigration goals.

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      You are not just another file on our desks; your needs are our top priority.

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      Immigration FAQs

      If you’re like many people, you know you could benefit from working with an immigration lawyer – but you have questions. Check out these immigration law FAQs and see if you find the answers you need; if not, please feel free to call us and we’ll point you in the right direction.

      Immigration lawyers generally charge by the hour, although sometimes there is a flat fee associated with filling out and filing certain forms. The hourly rate you’ll pay depends on your case; if you’re simply applying for a tourist visa, for example, you’ll most likely pay less than someone who needs to file an immigration appeal and appear in court. The best way to find out how much it costs to hire an immigration attorney is to call us and explain your situation during a consultation. We’ll be able to tell you how complex your case is likely to be, what immigration services are needed as well as give you an hourly rate or flat fee quote.

      A lawyer can help you get a green card if you qualify and meet the legal requirements for eligibility. Generally, you’ll need a visa first; then, after you’ve fulfilled all the requirements, you can petition the U.S. government for a green card. Your attorney can fill out and file your petition for you, and he or she can help you prepare for things like your biometrics appointment (where the government will take your photo, record your fingerprints and capture your digital signature) and your green card interview if you’re required to have one. Your lawyer can keep track of your case for you, as well, and keep you updated on new developments.

      You don’t automatically get a green card when you marry a U.S. citizen. You must apply for one and meet all the government’s eligibility criteria. You must provide proof that you’re in a legitimate marriage (and that you didn’t only marry your spouse for the immigration benefit). You’ll most likely have to participate in an immigration interview, as well.

      You must meet all eligibility requirements to live permanently in the United States and wait for the government to approve you for lawful permanent residency. If the government approves your petition for lawful permanent residency, it will grant you a green card – an immigration document that allows you to live and work anywhere in the United States. A green card is an important step on the path to citizenship, as well. After you have had a green card for a certain period of time, you can apply for naturalization.

      Foreign workers may be able to join the U.S. workforce if they are sponsored by an employer for a specific position. Generally, you can’t petition to come to the U.S. as a worker; your prospective or current employer must petition for you. When your employer creates a petition, you must meet all admissibility criteria.

      Many companies hire foreign workers to fill specific positions. Additionally, many foreign-based companies are permitted to send workers to the U.S. to open new offices and get things up and running. Business immigration can be complicated, so many companies work with an attorney to move through the process of hiring foreign workers more easily.

      Your immediate family may be able to immigrate to the United States with you. However, every person coming to the U.S. as an immigrant must meet eligibility criteria on his or her own – and often, family members must apply to come to the U.S. under a different category from their sponsor. Typically, family members are granted the same period of stay as the sponsor, but every case is different. Spouses, unmarried children under the age of 21, unmarried children over the age of 21, siblings and parents may qualify to come to the United States with you.

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