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About Us

Mr. Jorge Enrique Muñoz is the founder and managing attorney of Jorge Munoz law Firm LLC. Jorge has extensive experience representing families, companies and entrepreneurs. Focusing exclusively on the area of Immigration Law, Jorge and his team are dedicated to helping people around the world achieve their immigration goals. He also legally assists the Latino community in legal processes such as car accidents, among others.

Our Areas of Specialty

Removal Defense

We understand that removal proceedings, also known as deportation proceedings, can be incredibly stressful and challenging for individuals facing the risk of being removed from the country.

National Interest Waiver

The NIW is a special category of employment-based immigration that allows eligible foreign nationals to bypass the labor certification process, which is typically required for obtaining an employment-based green card.

PERM Labor Certification

Our experienced team of immigration attorneys is dedicated to helping immigrants navigate the complex process of obtaining labor certification for employment-based immigration in the U.S.

Employment Visas

We are experts in providing top-notch legal services for Employment Visas to immigrants who seek to work in the United States.

Family & Married Visa

We understand the importance of family unity and are committed to assisting families and married couples in navigating the complex U.S. immigration system to achieve their immigration goals.

Citizen Naturalization

As an immigration attorney with expertise in the United States, We can provide comprehensive legal services for the «Citizen Naturalization» process to immigrants seeking to become U.S. citizens.

Investment visa (Visa E2)

As a leading law firm specializing in immigration law in the United States, our team of expert attorneys is well-equipped to assist immigrants seeking an Investment Visa, specifically the E-2 Visa.


As expert immigration attorneys in the United States, I can provide comprehensive legal services to immigrants seeking assistance with the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

Client Testimonials

"I really liked the professional attention that the team has, they are always attentive to your questions and doubts to resolve them, especially Lucia Barón, Liliana, Ana and of course Jorge who has accompanied me throughout my process, thank you for the work you day by day they do for their clients!!"
Alix Andrea
"Working with this firm has been a truly rewarding experience. The work environment is exceptional; I feel valued and supported by my colleagues and superiors at all times. One of the reasons I enjoy my work here so much is the palpable commitment of Attorney Jorge and all of my colleagues to our clients' cases."
Lucía Barón V
"I want to thank Mr. Jorge Muños and his very kind collaborator Lucia Baron and the rest of the work team, who provided me with advice, guidance and management throughout the entire process of my asylum since thanks to them I obtained my asylum permit. work and the whole process is on the right track."
Camilo Rangel

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